Got Tweed?

This is the 2014 Tweed Project sponsored by the Vermont Folklife Center Apprenticeship Grant.  Rose collaborated with Kate Smith, Instructor and Master Weaver at the Marshfield School of Weaving, the project entailed the creation of 30 yards of traditional Harris-inspired tweed.  After sourcing a flock of Scottish Cheviot Sheep in Jacksonville, Vermont the fleeces were dyed in the wool and handspun to create these beautiful fabrics.  The project will culminate with a Waulking Party.  For more information contact me.

“durable, traditional style with Gaelic blessing”

Wearables for Spiritual People

Wearables for Spiritual People are intentionally woven from handspun Vermont wool, alpaca or cashmere. Each one-of-a-kind item is mindfully crafted to your specifications. The weaving process includes a meditation or prayer, of your choice, to be silently repeated while your wearable is on the loom. Your wearable can also be “empty” woven at your request. Every step of the process, from the sheep to the final wearable, flows through the hands of Rose Diamond with the vibration best suited to your purpose.

Wearables include, but are not limited to, ruanas, cloaks and zarapes.

photo 9handspun and woven

*Handspun and woven with intention


ponchos with hood sketch (2)poncho and ruana sketch

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