From my earliest explorations in found-sound on the handlebars of my Schwinn Tornado on which I played bugle repertoire to the more recent restoration of a nineteenth century barn loom I have always been an innovator. This has played out in my music and art, and the way I teach.

When I was 14, I took all my savings and bought my first guitar, taught myself to play and wrote songs which I performed and recorded on vinyl, launching my folk singing career. I taught myself to design and sew all my own clothes, eventually plying my talent as a seamstress for hire. Hitching a ride to California as a youth in America in the early 70’s followed by a volunteer stint on the coast of Labrador, then a tour of Europe with Bread and Puppet Theater gave me an appreciation of travel as world participant.

After over twenty-five years onstage at dances and folk festivals and at least as many in the field of human services, I designed and directed a five year youth exchange project with villages in Transylvania, celebrating connection through music and art. I studied Life-Span Human Development in the ’70’s and Vocal Performance in the 90’s while raising a son and remodeling an old grocery store as a family dwelling.

Not content to do things by halves, my first weaving was a queen-sized blanket made entirely from my own hand processed, hand dyed and hand-spun local wool.

If there is a way to blend all aspects of interest in any endeavor, that is where my energy goes: community building, singing, working and art wrapped into the end product as process.

When a string of car accident-related injuries sent me in the direction of McClosky Technique for my own vocal recovery I found a particular affinity and became certified, adding to my studio a refreshed sense of understanding of the mechanics of voice as well as depth of experience with the healing process.

Having been an avid seeker of spiritual and psychic health since my early twenties gives me a wealth of experience to weave together in my new practice in Subconscious Voice Recovery and co-creator of Wearables for Spiritual People.

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